Thursday, March 7, 2013

This Week's Workouts + New Foods

Hey, everyone!  Boy, am I glad it's Thursday.  It's the end of a grading period, which means that my students are scrounging for every opportunity to bring up their borderline grades.  Their procrastination means a crazy busy week for me.

But, that hasn't kept me from running with perseverance this week, especially since the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge started on Monday!

Summary of this week's workouts;
Monday: I went straight to the gym after school and completed a workout from Phase 4 of Best Body Bootcamp.  This workout focused on strength moves with a 20 second burst of cardio between sets.  I loved this workout, and I was SORE for the next two days!

Tuesday: Wound up not getting any workouts in, but I did eat heathy and drink a lot of water!  I was pleased.

Wednesday: Joe and I went on a run with the dog when we got home from our schools.  We started with a great pace, then I had to walk toward the end.  Still under 10 min pace (really close to 9 to be exact!), which is my goal for next week's 5k!

Today (Thursday): I completed one of the Workouts of the Week for Amanda's Spring Bootie Buster Challenge.  I did the moves for distance runners as I thought it would help my body in my goal to PR next week in the 5k.  I did 3 sets of the 3 moves, and did a 10 minute stretching video I found on Youtube, which was also geared toward runners.

This week, I decided to try some new foods.

The first, almond butter!
I've heard a lot about this nut butter from other blogs I read, and I decided to give it a try.  I was expecting the exact taste as peanut butter, so the first taste was a little strange.  But, I really do enjoy the flavor!  I dipped some apple slices and carrot sticks in the almond butter during a morning snack, which added a good taste and helped me stay full until lunch time!

I also picked up an orange pepper to add to my salads this week
They blend in with the tomatoes and carrots
The green peppers at the store all looked bad, so I picked up an orange pepper to try something new.  The flavor is a little different from green peppers.  They are a little bit sweeter and add a really good flavor to my salad.

Great new foods to add to my shopping list!

Question for you: What new food have you tried lately that you just love?

Time for me to get back to grading (it feels like it's never going to end!!).  I probably won't be able to blog tomorrow (usual Friday fun!), but I'll see you sometime this weekend!

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