Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Step Class

Well, it's official!
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I've signed up for my second half marathon!  This was the new one on my list, and when Amanda shared a promo code today, I went ahead and signed up.

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I was supposed to go straight to the gym and run an errand for tomorrow's lesson after school today, but when I left at 4:15 (when school ends at 2:45), the couch was calling my name.

As I sat on the couch, I started feeling guilty about not running this errand for my students.  Then, the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge points sheet started saying, "Hey, go earn some points!"  So, I looked up the group fitness class schedule for my gym and saw my first fitness class love on tonight's schedule.
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Not gonna lie, y'all.  I. LOVE. STEP.  I love Step so much that I want to teach it!

My gym in Georgia had an AWESOME instructor whose class I attended every Monday evening and Saturday morning that I was in town.  I hadn't been since joining the YMCA in Florida until tonight.
Thank you, Google search, for giving me this as a result!  Doesn't that kind of look like me with the blonde hair and wearing pink?  Love it!

I enjoyed the class!  It was a Step I class, so I think next time I'll try Step II.  We were going non-stop for about 40 minutes, took a break, then went for 10 minutes and did 10 minutes of weights at the end.  The moves just weren't as intense as I was used to in my previous class.  It was a good time, and I'm really glad I got off the couch and get in a workout!

I did get my errand done afterward, and I'll make sure to share about that with you tomorrow!  Prepare for some nerding out, but it should be fun nerding out :)

Question for you: Do you have a favorite group fitness class?

In addition to Step, I love Zumba and BodyPump!

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  1. I haven't done step in years, but I loved it too. I have a huge BodyPump fan!