Monday, July 22, 2013

BBB6 Week 5 Recap

Phew!  I'm finally back, y'all!  This weekend, I traveled to New York City for my friend Valerie's Bachelorette Party.  Look for a recap on that tomorrow!
Skyline as we drove in
Awesome city view while walking around
Before going out to celebrate!  More details about the theme in the recap :)
I had quite a time getting home, though.  Yesterday, I drove with the girls from NYC to DC.  They dropped me off at the Reagan airport on the way in for my 6pm flight.  Unfortunatley, my flight to Atlanta was canceled due to a weather-related ground stop there.  I tried to fly on standby later in the evening, but the flights kept getting pushed back. I finally decided to just try again this morning.  I rebooked my flights, stayed with my aunt and uncle on Sunday night, and made it home this afternoon.  Quite a whirlwind of traveling over the last 24 hours!

Let's get to the purpose of this post, though.  It's time to talk about Best Body Bootcamp Week 5!

Monday-Workout A in my landlord's yard.  Joe was working out over there at the same time!
Tuesday-3-mile run
Wednesday-completed Workout B in my landlord's yard, 20 minutes of cardio outside (running then walking)
Thursday-40 minute treadmill workout (5 minute warm-up, 20 minute run, 10 minute incline walk, 5 minute cool-down)
Friday-Rest/travel day
Saturday-Walking ALL OVER New York City from 10 am to 4 pm!
Sunday-Travel/rest day

Goal #1 was to drink 72 ounces of water AND take a vitamin each morning.  I did well with this, as I met this goal every day except Friday.  I took vitamins every day, but I didn't want to drink too much water while flying AND riding in a car for 5+ hours.

Goal #2 was to floss my teeth each night.  I did this 5/7 days this week, which is much better than I've been doing.

I'm going to keep the same goals for next week.  I need to make a dentist appointment soon, so I need to keep up my focus on my dental hygiene!

Highlight of the Week
I'm really happy that I met my goals at least 5 days this week AND had 5 days of activity on a week that I was traveling!  I've talked before about my struggle to be healthy even when traveling, but I planned ahead this week to make sure that I would meet all of my goals.

Goal for Next Week
This is another unusual week since my family is coming to visit us on Thursday.  I'm excited about it, but of course, that means that I'm going to be busy for most of the week!  I want this to be another successful week when it comes to exercising and meeting my goals despite the change in routine.

Question for you: Have you ever had a flight cancelation/nightmarish travel situation to deal with?


  1. hope u had fun in nyc! :) ...ive def spent my fair share of time in airports! the worst travel situation though was when i took a greyhound bus from south carolina to pittsburgh (never again!) lol

    1. Oh my goodness, that had to be rough!! Plus, those stops can be kind of sketchy