Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Seeking Truth

Hey, everyone!  How is your week going so far?

This week has been a little bit different for me than my previous weeks of summer.  I was glued to the George Zimmerman trial for the last few weeks, so now that it's over, I've had a lot more time to actually do things with my day!
That sounds really sad, and I've been wondering about why that trial was so important to me.  I had a realization that I just really wanted to know the truth.  I was watching to see if anyone would be able to explain this situation and what happened for certain.  Unfortunately, there was no definite truth revealed in the trial, which left me (and everyone else who watched the trial) forming my own opinion.

Isn't that the case with just about everything?  We all do things to find truth and meaning in our lives.  What's true and meaningful to one person isn't necessarily true and meaningful to another.  Luckily, we all have one source of truth we can ALL turn to free of the need for interpretation.

God's Word!  As I've progressed through my Bible study this summer, I'm realizing more and more that the Bible speaks of a few different truths over and over again:
  1. God loves us.  Almost every story in the Bible tells of God's love for us, even the stories of discipline.
  2. God has a plan for us.  As I'm reading more passages in the Old Testament, I'm really seeing how God spoke to people throughout history about what He was going to do in the future.  Each person plays a critical role in God's will.
  3. God will use us as we are, faults and all.  Throughout the Bible (and even today), God uses people for his purposes in ways we wouldn't choose for ourselves.  Moses had a speech impediment, and yet he was given the words to speak and lead the Israelites out of Egypt.  David had a wandering eye, yet he was a mighty king of Israel whose blood line gave birth to Jesus.  I'm learning that Gideon was fearful and insecure, and yet God used him to rid the Israelites of their suffering at the hands of the Midianites.  
So, when you are seeking truth in your life, remember these three things in which we can all stand firm!  Praise God!

I have some running related links that I want to share with you!
Of course, when I go to B&N, I always leave with a whole stack of books.
I'm looking forward to all the reading I'm going to be doing soon!

Question for you: What is a truth that you hold on to?  Do you have any links you'd like to share?  
I'd love to read about your truths and any articles you find interesting, so please leave them in the comments!  See you tomorrow for What I Ate Wednesday :)


  1. B&N is my crack house! LOL I can't walk out of there without spending at least $50!
    You are right. Even though our country is supposed to be just, often our justice system is just a reminder that only God is just. I like how you turned it right back to God. :)

    1. You're right! It's helpful to remember that God is perfect when we get bogged down in the imperfections of our world :)