Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Doggy Drama

Not sure if anyone noticed, but someone has been absent from the blog for a while.
That's right, Mr. Wewii!  Well, there's a reason for that, and I think it's time to share that with you now.

As I explained before, wee started off long-term pet sitting Wewii for Joe's friend.  In March, his owner came to get him and we said so long to our little friend.  We got him back for good at the beginning of April and we've really enjoyed having him back.
What's not to love about a dog on a surfboard?
Well, back in February, I made a vague reference to a trying weekend.  I never shared what happened, but Wewii actually attacked Joe.  Wewii was very protective over me when he was laying on top of me on the couch or bed, and that Saturday morning, Joe was standing over the bed and I guess Wewii didn't like it.  He latched on to Joe's arm, and we spent that Saturday at the hospital getting the bite checked out.  We left Wewii shut up for the next few days (I would take him outside a few times a day) until Joe decided he was ready to let him out.  We didn't do anything about it because Joe's friend was set to take him back within the next week.
This picture was actually after I took him for a run during his lock-up time
Time passed, and we adjusted knowing what Wewii didn't like.  Everything was fine until one June evening.  Wewii went after Joe again when we were all sitting on the couch together.  He didn't latch on like he did the first time, but we knew that this was going to keep happening if we kept him.  He was (most likely) fought in the past, and we just didn't know his triggers or when he might snap again.

We had Wewii put down the next day.  It was just devastating for both of us because we really loved him.  As I told Wewii when I was saying goodbye, if he had only trusted Joe, things would have been wonderful.
Before our last run together
It's been about a month and a half, and Joe and I are used to life without our pet.  There are talks of getting another dog.  Joe is in the middle of studying for boards, so I think we might wait until after he takes those important tests.  Either way, we really enjoyed the year we spent with Wewii (minus his attacks) and will always remember him fondly.  Here are a few pictures I never posted of him from the last few days of his life.
He was going to TOWN licking me post-workout
Sprawled out on the couch
Repping his UGA Bulldogs
Adorably cuddled up to me
Rest in peace, Wewii!  We will miss you.

Question for you: Have you experienced the loss of a pet?  If so, how did you go about healing from it?
Tomorrow's post will be much happier :)  Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday evening!


  1. Awe I'm so sorry you were put in that situation! I'm sorry Wewii had experienced those bad things before he came to live with you wonderful people. I'm sure you miss him a lot. We had a dog when I was little. My dad gave us string cheese when I was 5 and I didn't like it, so I put it in the dog's bowl and she ate it. They had her put down a few days later because she was so old, but I thought she died because I gave her string cheese and I was very, very concerned that I had killed our dog!

    After that, we just had fish :)

    1. Oh no, that had to be so traumatizing for you! I'm glad you figured out that you didn't kill the dog though.