Thursday, July 4, 2013

Shelf Bra Tanks (Happy Independence Day!)

Happy Independence Day!

I'm so thankful to live in this country because of all the freedoms and opportunities we have in America!

I saw a great feature on ESPN today called Going Home, which showed videos of soldiers returning home and surprising their loved ones!  There was not a dry eye in the house after watching it.  It was the perfect reminder to be thankful for all of the sacrifices made by our soldiers and their families, past and present, who have earned our independence and protected our way of life!

The celebrations started off yesterday for me when my good friend Krista, her husband Josh, and their dog Bubba came to visit!
I've known Krista since Girl Scouts in middle school, we went to the same high school, and wound up in the same math education program in college!  We had a class together sophomore year and have been close ever since.
We had a great day laying by my neighbors' pool, swimming with their dog, walking on the beach, and hanging out.  We ate dinner at Ocean Deck, sat on their patio on the beach, and enjoyed great food and some delicious summery drinks.
They left this morning after Krista came to cheer me on while I ran the Firecracker 4 miler on the beach.  It was so good to see them!  Now, on to the usual stuff:

Despite my severe laziness this week, I've managed to get in a workout almost every day this week!  On Monday, I went to a BodyPump class and tried something new.

Can you see what it is?  No?  Well, I tried working out in a shelf-bra tank top without a sports bra!  I never have the guts to do this for two reasons: I'm always afraid it won't be enough support (even though I'm not very blessed in the breast department) and that someone will notice if...ahem...I'm cold or something (ladies, you know what I mean!).

Well, this tank top (from Ellie) alleviated both of my fears!  The shelf bra provided plenty of support for BodyPump, and the color prevented anyone from noticing...anything.  I don't know if I have enough guts to try this for a purely cardio workout at the moment, but maybe I'll get there eventually!

Other workouts this week: 3 mile run on Tuesday, rest day Wednesday (due to my visitors), and ran the Firecraker 4 miler on the beach in Daytona this morning.
Anyone else notice my mirror-selfie pose is the same in both pictures?
A full race recap to come later this week!  Krista took some pictures of the start and finish, so I'll have the post ready to go once I get those from her :)

Question for you: What's the verdict on shelf-bra-sans-sports-bra tanks for you?  What are you doing for the 4th of July today?
I'm thinking it's a great day for some time on the beach, hanging out with some friends, and watching fireworks at the pier this evening.  I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday today!  USA!  USA! :)

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  1. I could NEVER pull of the shelf tank thing, but I'm glad you can! That looks like such a fun day!