Saturday, July 13, 2013

Book Review: The Bridesmaid Lotto

Ever search through the "Great Books for $3.99 or less" section on the iTunes book store?  Well, I did a few months ago and stumbled upon a book that is perfect for summer reading!

The Bridesmaid Lotto by Rachel Astor was only $2.99 (now FREE from for Kindle readers) and sounded like an interesting read.  I purchased it, read it quickly, and wound up reading the rest of the series.

The story focuses on Josie McMaster, a 26-year-old single girl living in New York City.  A contest is announced where girls can enter to be a bridesmaid in a socialite's upcoming wedding.  Not only do the winners get to attend the social event of the year, but they get to meet Jake Hall, the hottest movie star and brother of the groom.  Josie rolls her eyes and ignores the hype of the contest, so imagine her surprise when she is announced as on of the winners.  The book follows Josie through the preparations for the wedding, as well as her interesting relationship with Jake Hall.

This book is very light and quick reading.  It's nothing thought-provoking or deep, just a simple book with a pretty fun plot.  I got really involved in the story, as well as all of the wedding planning details (I like that kind of stuff!).  Great book to read by the beach or the pool!

My only frustration about this book: I'm pretty sure that the author is British, because there were some British phrases thrown in throughout the book.  I have nothing against British writers, but I'm really not sure what New York girl says "bloody hell" all the time or calls a bachelorette party a "stagette."

Much to my surprise, I found out that this was the first book of a series of three.

I wound up reading the other two books in the series, but Bridesmaid Lotto was definitely my favorite.  They're still pretty fun to read, but I just kept getting frustrated with how naive and timid Josie was acting in the second and third books.

Next up on my reading list: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn!  I'm already about a third of the way through, and I'm starting to read really in to the story.  Expect a book review soon :)

Question for you: What's your favorite summer read?

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