Wednesday, July 3, 2013

WIAW #9: Rainy Day

So, you may have noticed that I haven't been doing What I Ate Wednesday lately.  I've fully intended to each week, but I just haven't taken pictures of a full day's worth of food!  I managed to do so yesterday, so you know what that means...

I get to join in on the WIAW fun!  Thank you to Jen for hosting the link-up every week!

Tuesday was a cloudy, rainy day for me.  I usually lack motivation to do anything on days like that, which leads to a lot of sitting on the couch watching TV.  Let's see what my meals look like:


I found a new cereal at the store this week: Honey Crunch Medley.  It's got honey nut Cheerios, some oat flakes, and crunchy almond clusters.  It's quite tasty!


I'd say that my lunch was very, very healthy!  I had a spinach salad topped with avocado, tomato, onion, green peppers, and cucumbers.  I also enjoyed a red delicious apple and some pretzels dipped in roasted garlic hummus.  Yum!

I also had a Special K Pastry Crisp for dessert.  I saw them on Erica's blog and had to pick them up!  They are a Cookies & Cream flavor (my favorite!!), and they are pretty tasty.  

Afternoon Snack #1

I had a handful (ok, maybe two handfuls) of SweetTarts while watching the George Zimmerman trial.

Afternoon Snack #2

Apparently this court case was giving me a sweet tooth!  I had two of these tasty cookies that we bought at the grocery store this week.  Hey, they were one sale AND 5 cents bonus fuel points.  No shame here!


Joe was shadowing chiropractors and was later for dinner, so I made my go-to on-my-own dinner.  Rotini topped with salt and cheese.  This time, I had whole wheat rotini topped with shredded mozzarella.  Oh-so satisfying!

Evening "Snack"

I went for a run a little while after dinner, so I had some FitMixer amino acid drink for recovery.  Delicious, hydrating, and definitely helps the recovery!

Evening Snack #2
I was pretty hungry before bed, so I made a small bag of popcorn to satisfy my stomach.  Pretty tasty!

The entire day, I just wanted to keep eating and eating.  Once I made dinner and got up for a run, I haven't been inclined to snack the entire evening.  Hmmm...looks like I need to work on eating out of boredom vs. eating because I'm hungry!  With the summer break, I think I'll have a good amount of time to get to work on that :)

Question for you: Do you notice that you snack a lot or eat poorly when just sitting in front of the TV all day?


  1. It's like we went shopping together! I got that cereal (LOVE) and the cookies and cream crisps too!

    1. Oh my gosh, that's so funny!! How do you like them?

  2. I've started spending most of the day on my laptop in the kitchen instead on the PC in the living room and I snack so much less! It's weird. Instead of being more tempted to snack since I'm in the kitchen, I only have one snack a day.

    1. Oh, BTW, I love the verse at the top of your blog! Hebrews is my favorite with Romans.