Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sweet Potatoes

Diet Tip of the Day
Joe and I decided to have steak for dinner tonight.  What's the perfect side dish for steak?  Baked potato.  The more I've read recently, though, the more that I hear about sweet potatoes.  They have lots of vitamins and minerals in them, which is more than a regular potato can say for itself.  So, instead of a baked potato, I had a baked sweet potato!

In addition to the health benefits, I LOVE the taste of sweet potatoes!  The consistency is smoother than a regular potato, and they complement the steak very well.  I added a little bit of butter and salt to my sweet potato, but I've heard that butter and cinnamon are perfect sweet potato toppings.  I highly recommend baked sweet potatoes to any steak lover, or anyone who just wants a tasty, healthy side dish for any meal.

Today's Training
To go along with the steak today, I had a glass of wine.  Glass of wine + drinking no water today = serious dehydration and no running.  :(  I guess I will push back my training schedule a day and make it a priority to go for a run tomorrow.  That, or I'll just do a short run on Saturday morning along with a total body weight workout, and then still plan on my long run for Sunday.

I hate that I'm not going for a run today, though, because the weather is PERFECT for a run in the evening.  In fact, check out the Eastern-central Florida weather for the next few days:
How perfect is that?!  Looks like Sunday may be a beach day as well :)

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