Monday, October 8, 2012

Tailgating + Whoopsie! Run

Sunday was such a busy day that I didn't get to blog about it!  I certainly have some things to share though :)

Diet Tip of the Day
Joe and I went up to Jacksonville for the Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Chicago Bears football game!  Not only did we get to see some football and tailgate, but the high school I teach at's band performed the pre-game show.
They did a GREAT job!  Yeah SCHS!

Along with football comes tailgating, and along with tailgating comes a healthy-eating challenge.  With all the chips, beverages, desserts, and grilled items, how do you eat healthy??  Here was my solution:
Chicken sausages!  I found these at Wal-mart the other day and was intrigued.  I decided to try them out, and I'm very glad I did.  While you still get the taste of a grilled sausage, it doesn't taste as greasy or  fatty!  Plus, according the brand's website, each sausage is only 110 calories!  We used the sweet Italian seasoned ones, and I liked the flavor and the taste of the chicken.  Overall, a happy and healthy tailgate

Today's Training
Surprisingly, I got up before we left for Jacksonville and went on a run!  Wow!  My schedule called for a 4 mile run.  I mapped out a route beforehand and was all excited to get out there and go the distance.  I had a great run, and I looked at the time when I got back.  I had run 4 miles in 33 minutes!  I thought to myself, "wow, running without the dog really makes me go fast!"  I went inside, went to Map My Run to log my workout, and I realized I missed a whole mile of my run!  When I realized I made a wrong turn on my run and reduced it to 3 miles, I said "Whoopsies!," hence the name of today's post.  I was still pleased with my run, even though I didn't actually do what I was supposed to!  Hopefully this doesn't happen again, though I may do it on purpose some day if I don't want to run as far as I'd planned :)

Faith Find
During my run, I listened to one of Andy Stanley's sermons from North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, GA.  They have podcasts of his sermons that you can subscribe to, and I have never listened to them before.  I decided to listen to his series entitled "Christian," and the first sermon was entitled "Brand Recognition."  The first interesting point, that I never knew, is that "Christian" is not defined in the Bible!  It is mentioned 3 times and refers to the way that people outside the faith referred to the followers of Jesus.  The second interesting point is that the word "disciple" IS defined in the Bible multiple times.  He talks about how we should strive to be disciples of Jesus by loving one another.  Jesus said during the Last Supper that people will know that the apostles belonged to Jesus by their love for one another.  After listening to the sermon and recent events in my life, I know that I need to love others much more than I have been lately.  I want people to know that I am not only a Christian, but I am a disciple of Jesus!

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