Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Update

So this weekend was quite a bust when it came to training.  I drank very little water on Thursday and Friday, and I woke up with dehydration on Saturday.  I had to nurse myself back to hydration all day Saturday, so I didn't do any running/working out this weekend.  Hence, the lack of posts!  I do want to share a Diet Tip and a Faith Find from the weekend, though!

Diet Tip of the Day
Joe saw a commercial for a promotion Olive Garden has going on now called "Dinner Today, Dinner Tomorrow."  You get to order an entree (from a list of 5) to eat at the restaurant with unlimited salad or soup, and then you pick another from that same list to heat up for dinner tomorrow!  All just $12.95!  What a great deal!
Free Advertising for Olive Garden
We went for dinner on Sunday and decided we would split the special.  Joe ordered an extra soup, and we both loaded up on our salad/soup and then split the ravioli entree.  Everything was delicious (especially the breadsticks), and I would definitely recommend the ravioli!  Not only did we both have dinner tonight and tomorrow for $12.95, but we saved on some calories by not eating a whole entree.  Cool deal!

Faith Find
It's tough to find a church home here (since the population is older...), but I KNOW I visited the right church on Sunday!  The sermon was all the training required to be disciples!  How well does that tie in to the sermon I listened to last Sunday?  We talked about the five things you have to learn as a disciple:
-Study (Romans 15:4)
-Prayer (1 Timothy 2:1-4)
-Service (1 Peter 4:10)
-Worship (John 4:24)
-Giving (2 Corinthians 8:7)
The other thing about being a disciple is that after we learn all of these things, we have to help mentor others on their journey to become a disciple.  I think that's a key part of being disciple is that we are called to go out and make other disciples of all people.

Back later with the post of today.  Meanwhile, I'm going to enjoy my "Dinner tomorrow" and volunteer at a pumpkin patch!

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