Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thrown-together Meal + Successful Run + Providing God

Well, I'd say today was a success!  I ate pretty well, I went on my run, and I going to make time this evening to read my Bible and my book.  Here's the usual content:

Diet Tip of the Day
I decided I needed some more carbs today, so I made some pasta!  I didn't have any sauce, so I made my own creation:
Cooked spaghetti + teaspoon minced garlic + parmesan + diced tomatoes + a little bit of olive oil = delicious!  This may be a little plain for some people, but it was pretty light (for carbs) and very tasty!  Throw in an Olive Garden breadstick, and my dinner was quite satisfying
Eating well isn't a chore when you are eating things you like.

Today's Training
To be honest, I was quite ready to get out on a run today!  My goal was 35 minutes, and I met my goal!  I did a 3:1 run/walk ratio for the first 12 minutes, then reduced that to 2:1 since I was getting a little tired.  Overall, I did 3.17 miles in 35:11 for a 11:05/mile pace.  Overall, I'm pretty happy about that.
Maybe my happiness comes from wearing my spiffy new running shirt.  Definitely felt very cool while running and not super sweaty!

Faith Find
You know, I was just reminded today how much God provides.  Before my run, there were storm clouds rolling in.  I was about to not go for fear of getting rained on, but I went any way and prayed that I'd get the run in before the storm came.  Thank God, it held off!  Thinking about the storm not coming made me think about other things that God provides.  The list is endless, really.  The main thing I trying to be thankful for is my current salary.  It's a (pretty significant) cut from my last job, BUT I have an income.  I have a job.  I have a place to live.  I have loving people around me.  And, I have a God that provides.  Praise be to Him!

I hope everyone had a great day.  Back tomorrow with more tales of faith, fitness, and food!

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