Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday Workout + Sneak-Attack Veggies + Christianity Quitters

Today's Training
Run One of Three this week, complete!  Here's how I did:
Pretty proud of how I did.  I've been reading on the runDisney training program website that a mile pace in 80 degree weather is about 2 minutes slower than it would be in 60 degree weather (which is the predicted temperature on race day).  When I first signed up, I was worried about finishing in the 16-minute pace restriction, but now I feel like I can do that!

Also, in case you didn't notice, I posted the official banner for training the Disney Princess Half Marathon.  I'm pretty excited about this, and this banner will be a reminder for me to continue training because everyone knows now :)

Diet Tip of the Day
Dinner around our house gets a little complicated.  Joe always wants a dish with meat, while I'm content with lots of different veggies.  He doesn't like rice and wants different sides, while I'm content with a piece of meat, rice, and a different veggie every night.  So, my way to shaking things up is getting a boxed dinner that I can make quickly and easily (until I saw just how bad all of them are for you last week).

Well, I still have a few of them left after the last trip to the grocery store, so Creamy Pasta Tuna Helper it was.  My compromise is that I sneak-attacked Joe with some veggies by putting half a can of peas in the skillet as I cooked the pasta.
A picture of the leftovers...I forgot to take a picture when we actually ate
Joe actually said while eating, "See, I like peas when they're mixed in here.  I don't see how you eat them plain."  See what I'm dealing with here?  Oh well, gotta love him anyway :)

Faith Find
While running today, I listened to the next sermon in Andy Stanley's "Christian" series.  The first sermon talked about how the word Christian is not defined in the New Testament, but disciple is.  Disciples of Jesus are called to love others as God loves us, which ties in to the second sermon.

The second sermon is called "Quitters."  Andy opens the sermon talking about Anne Rice, a popular novelist, who posted on Facebook in 2010 that she was quitting Christianity.  She wasn't quitting her relationship with Jesus, just quitting being in a Christian because of the way Christians act--disputing with one another, casting certain people away, etc.  Andy Stanley says that this is because of the lack of definition of Christian.  If we all define the word on our own, and divisions happen.  If we all just loved others because God loves us as disciples of Jesus should, then people would be drawn to Christians instead of feeling coerced and pressured by them.  People would see Christians and think, "Why did that person just forgive me that easily?  Why did he admit so quickly that he was wrong?  Why didn't she condemn me when I was wrong?" instead of feeling condemned and not good enough.

It's interesting that Andy Stanley mentioned the last part, because I overheard a student today saying he doesn't like going to church because he feels so pressured when he's there.  Hmmm...sounds like he's been around too many Christians and not enough disciples.  I look forward to finishing this sermon series in the next week or two and get started on the next one!

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